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We will help you establish a good foundation for your Bookkeeping systems.

A 30-minute FREE Consultation to discuss your current bookkeeping system.  

We will help you DECIDE Best Options so you can improve your processes & procedures, run your business more efficiently and build a profitable & sustainable business.

What's included:

  • The Smart Review is a snapshot of your Banking, Undeposited Funds, Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss Statement. After you discover where you stand and if there are any errors or omissions you can move forward and start to take control of your business' financial records;
  • Obtain a Bookkeeping Evaluation to know the full status of your accounting data file and what you or your bookkeeper needs to do next;
  • Help with any "Clean-Up" and fixing of errors with your bookkeeping
  • DONE-4-You -- On-Going Bookkeeping Services
  • Need a little bit of help or Oversight Services  of your Bookkeeping processes and procedures;
  • Learn how to DIY your Bookkeeping.