Hi there.  I want to welcome you to our DIY Bookkeeping group.

A little bit about myself. For those of you that don't know me. I have worked in the accounting industry for *gosh* over 40 years, providing bookkeeping services to women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And I found that so many of my past clients and other female entrepreneurs come to me and ask for help in learning how to do their own Bookkeeping, do it themselves.

I never, I really thought about it, but they've always told me, they said,

"you make it sound so simple."

My teaching style is simple for them to understand.

I wanted to create this group so that they would have a supportive community that they could draw from when they're trying to learn how to do their Bookkeeping, someone that's there to encourage them to know that they can do it themselves, to allow for them to have a safe environment where if they want to ask any sort of questions about how they're doing it and what they're supposed to do with it, this is the place for that to happen.

So I'm really looking forward to helping anybody out in the group with any of their questions.

If this sounds like something you need help with, please visit my DIY BOOKKEEPING Facebook group here --

DIY Bookkeeping FB Group

If you have any questions or specific struggles that you're concerned about we can figure it out together. I look forward to having you follow me through this process, and if I can be of any help for anything that we're doing, just go ahead and ask.