During my involvement in the accounting industry over the last 40+ years, many small business owners have asked for help handling their bookkeeping; trying to figure out how to enter transactions accurately, analyze their figures, know about various deadlines, payroll processing and tax returns.

This is why I created DIYBookkeeping.net in order to HELP.

Having specialized in bookkeeping services for women-owned, small businesses owners and Solopreneurs, I have enjoyed helping them to —

  • understand their “numbers” – their finances,
  • work on the minutia of balancing their business’ “Books”,
  • know how much money they have, and what is the best way to use it.


you can learn best practices on

  • Entering transactions accurately,
  • Maintaining “day-to-day” bookkeeping tasks and processes,
  • Know about weekly, monthly and quarterly deadlines,
  • Provide yourself with interim financial reports, be able to analyze so you can build your business,
  • Review all accounts for tax deductions, discounts, necessary corrections, and
  • Prepare for year-end and transferring of information to your CPA for tax return preparation.

www.DIYBookkeeping.net  was created to help you

If you are a small business owner and you struggle with understanding your bookkeeping, this is the place for you. 
You will gain knowledge on how to “DIY" (do it yourself) your business’ bookkeeping.
The typical Solopreneur usually starts their business because they've enjoyed doing something creative and now hope 
that they can monetize it. They usually wear a lot of “hats;" trying to do everything themselves, but seeing how much 
is involved in the actual running of a business, they realize that they don’t have a lot of time to devote to their bookkeeping.  
As a result, they may fall behind or not do it at all.

Our Blog provides a multitude of information about Bookkeeping, along with many tips, tricks and techniques to use to best benefit your business. 

Our DIY Bookkeeping Membership

will help you to learn the Basics of Bookkeeping

and how to Do-It-Yourself!



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